Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Bureau Veritas’ oil testing facilities offer the most up-to-date analytical techniques to guarantee precise and accurate results. Our oil analysis laboratories are staffed by highly-trained chemists, technicians and laboratory management to provide independent analyses on all types of greases, lubricants and fuels.

Analytical Services enable you to identify the chemical composition and physical properties of any oil and lubricant product. With our test results, you can determine the condition of your machines and equipment and maintain control over your assets and operations. 

Our analytical testing services include advanced R&D support, routine quality control, laboratory outsourcing, individual submitted sample analysis, oil condition monitoring, contamination identification, simulated distillations, troubleshooting, trace analysis, chromatography and more.


  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Lubricating Oil Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Grease Analysis
  • Metalworking Fluids Analysis
  • Refrigerant Oil Analysis
  • Marine Lubricant Testing
  • Transformer Oil Analysis

In addition to these services, we also provide customised solutions to meet the needs of our clients.