Bureau Veritas kennispartner van Offshore Industry 202


Bureau Veritas expert partner of Offshore Industry 2021

Oct. 27 2021

On November 18th the Offshore Industry 2021 congress will be held in Amsterdam in which Bureau Veritas will actively participate as an expert partner based on over 50 years of experience in compliance assessment in the North Sea area.

Against the backdrop of the necessity to reduce global warming as much as possible acceleration of the energy transition is a fundamental prerequisite. Innovative solutions of a sustainable nature and collaboration are indispensable aspects in that respect throughout the entire value chain. Within this particular context maximizing the potential of the offshore infrastructure on the North Sea plays an important role.

The challenges we are faced with demand further technological development and a scaling-up of collaboration between various stakeholders. How should future extraction of fossil fuels and the production of gas be coordinated? In what way can wind be transferred into useable energy? How to go about CO2 capture, reuse and subsea storage?  And what to expect from cost development related to the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen and its application in the industrial, maritime and mobility sectors?

Next to these and other topics another key question will be addressed. Which existing offshore installations are eligible for decommissioning and which infrastructure could be reused to cut costs and support us to achieve the defined climate goals in an efficient manner?

As part of the varied program of the Offshore Industry 2021 congress, in which numerous other leading keynote speakers will participate, the aforementioned questions will be addressed via a presentation and through a panel discussion by Erik Mobach, Project Director NortH2, Shell, Pim Reuderink, Energy Innovation Director Nordics & Benelux, Bureau Veritas and Ruben Dijkstra, Director Offshore Wind, Eneco.

For more information and to register for physical or online participation in the Offshore Industry 2021 congress go to www.managementproducties.com/en/maritime-offshore/offshore-industry