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ISCC - International Sustainability & Carbon Certification 

Sustainability and ISCC

Today, the concept of sustainability has become an integral part of our society and is now anchored in the collective consciousness of the government, the business community and the consumer.

In recent years, this trend has also led to the development and acceptance of numerous standards and assessment methodologies directly related to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

ISCC– International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

The ISCC is a collaboration between several stakeholders that has developed the ISCC certification system of the same name to give practical substance to sustainability within numerous sectors and application areas. The method is now used and recognised worldwide.

The ISCC Certification System variants

The ISCC certification system has several variants, including ISCC EU, ISCC Plus and ISCC Corsia. ISCC EU covers biofuels from the EU, while ISCC Plus covers bio-based or green products, renewable energies, food and animal fodder as well as biofuels outside the EU. The ISCC Corsia variant relates to sustainable jet fuel.

The principle of chain certification applies to the ISCC certification system. This means that all companies in a specific chain must strive for certification. In practice, therefore, producers or manufacturers, suppliers, transporters and distributors or retailers all qualify for this. This is an important condition to guarantee full traceability and claims in the field of (demonstrable) sustainability, among other things.

ISCC Legal sustainability requirements 

The ISCC methodology includes demonstrable compliance with relevant legal sustainability requirements (compliance), such as the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) in the case of the ISCC EU variant.

In addition to compliance, the ISCC certification system also includes requirements touching on ecological, social and economic sustainability-related principles, as well as the prevention and management of business risks.

Which ISCC standard variant applies to your organisation?

To have your organisation certified according to one of the ISCC standard variants, you must first determine which version applies to your organisation. We are happy to look into this together with you. To do this, please contact us via the button below.

After you have concluded a certification agreement with us, register on the ISCC website and prepare for the certification process by conducting an internal audit in your own organisation. You then go on to plan an official audit in consultation with us. After successful completion you will receive a certificate that is valid for one year.

In some cases, an interim assessment is required after 6 months to ensure the continuity of the ongoing certification. Before the expiry of your certificate, a new audit will be planned in consultation with you.

ISCC certification under accreditation

We carry out your ISCC certification under the supervision of our sister organisation in Poland and based on the local KOWR accreditation.