Lift control and Lift management


To efficiently manage lifts and minimise costs, specialist technical knowledge about the operation of lifts is an important condition. More and more owners and operators of buildings therefore choose to outsource the management of their lifts. They experience that the operating costs of their lifts certainly do not have to be higher than in case of self-management.

Bureau Veritas can take the lift control and lift management completely out of the hands of an organisation, but also offers separate services, such as lift inspections, troubleshooting, second opinions, NEN 2767 compliant condition measurements, supervision of maintenance projects, handover and new construction supervision. We use our experts in lift management and lift control


One push of a button should suffice to take lift users to the desired floor at any time, fast, safe and hassle-free, regardless of location, time or frequency. This is at the heart of our vision on integrated lift management. Our approach starts with determining the requirements and objectives you have in mind with the operation of your lifts. Based on this, we formulate the desired performance with you. We determine the current condition of your lifts, and set up reference frameworks for preventive and corrective maintenance and an appropriate assessment methodology.


Our services provide you with:

  • Concrete tools for your multi-year budget:
  • Insight into cost development and distribution
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduction of unexpected costs
  • Higher availability: fewer malfunctions and downtime of lifts
  • Unburdening with regard to third parties
  • Better risk management and increased safety
  • Concrete insight into condition status
  • Benchmarking (optional)


Based on our expertise and experience, we have developed an efficient and customer-oriented lift management methodology around lift management. We work according to a fixed pattern. Based on the objectives you have in mind and which include your requirements and wishes, we work towards a Performance Maintenance Contract (PMC). This PMC incorporates the results of a condition measurement that form the framework of a multi-year for preventive and corrective maintenance plan.

This multi-year plan may include the following lift management aspects:

  • Determination and application for planned maintenance
  • Assessment and negotiation in quotation processes
  • Control and assessment of maintenance carried out
  • Control of invoicing
  • Assistance and/or guidance in case of emergencies
  • Implementation of annual inspection or renewed condition determination
  • Periodic consultation with maintenance installer(s)


The Bureau Veritas Riskcontrol approach is characterised by the use of special teams of expert specialists. We avail over a wide range of expertise and practical experience, both at home and abroad, that we use flexibly and adapt fully to the needs of your organisation.

For additional information about our services and the possibilities, please call us on +31 88 450 55 00.