Thermographic inspection

Switching and distribution devices and Control boxes
Thermographic inspection


Thermography with a thermographic camera has become a standard part of the day-to-day management of electrical installations. A thermographic camera is relatively easy to use and can be safely used for temperature measurement of a connection or a component in the electrical installation.

Thermography is a passive and contactless measurement method. This means the electrical installation doesn't need to be switched off. It is important that the installation be burdened to its fullest extent. Only then can a proper image of the condition of the electrical installation be obtained. However, it should be borne in mind that the plant inspection always concerns just a moment in time.


The purpose of the thermographic inspection on the electrical installation is the early detection and finding of poor electrical connections, overheating of electrical components, defective components, uneven and/or overload and design errors.

Thermography can be used to measure temperatures that may be indicative of a defect, possibly resulting in too high a temperature or even a fire. By identifying a defect at an early stage, malfunctions, fire (damage), consequential damage or failure of the electrical installation can be prevented.

A thermographic inspection can be carried out separately or in combination with, for example, a periodic NEN 3140 inspection. In both cases, the inspection will focus specifically on the existing switching and distribution devices and/or on the control boxes present within the company.


The inspection consists of temperature measurements with a thermal imaging camera, additional current measurements and reporting. The inspector determines, in consultation with the manager or client, which parts of the installation are checked, and when.

After assessing the measured temperature and the additional current measurements, a recommendation is made as to whether, in relation to the safety and reliability of the electrical installation, any immediate action is required, and whether an additional inspection is necessary.

We record the inspection results in a report in which all relevant topics are discussed. On request, a thermogram and digital photo of situations where no deviations have been detected can also be added.


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