Pgs 29:2016 - directive for storage tanks

PGS 29:2016 - Directive for storage tanks


The PGS 29 Directive for above-ground storage of flammable liquids in vertical cylindrical tanks has been in force since December 2016. This applies primarily to companies that work with many hazardous substances and are therefore covered by the Major Accident Risk Decree (BRZO - Besluit risico’s zware ongevallen). However, the directive can also be applied to storage tanks that fall outside this field of work but for which good regulation or standards are not available.


The general objective of the PGS 29 Directive is to reduce safety risks. In doing so, the Directive provides a clear reference framework for both industry and the competent authority for the establishment, use, maintenance and inspection of installations with vertical tanks. This is particularly important because undesirable events with these installations can lead to major accidents inside and outside the premises, and to serious air, soil and water pollution. The directive pays full attention to occupational safety, environmental safety, transport safety and fire safety.


The PGS 29 publication provides guidance for establishments and companies with at least one vertical cylindrical above-ground tank for the storage of flammable liquids. These directives consist of regulations for work-safe, environmentally safe and fire-safe storage.


The certification process for storage tanks according to PGS 29 is broadly the same as the certification process for pressure equipment according to WBDA 2016 and PED 68/2014/EU. As an NL-CBIT accredited assessment body, Bureau Veritas can carry out the necessary independent, expert and impartial inspections, supervision and assessments. We do this for the following fields:

  • New construction
  • New construction of storage tanks
  • Entry inspections and major reconstructions
  • System assessment and Commissioning Inspection (CI)
  • Use phase
  • TBI/RBI re-inspection
  • Repair/Modification
  • RBI Model and implementation audits for storage tanks
  • UID certification and supervision
  • Schedule accreditation, certification and qualification


Since 2018, Bureau Veritas Industrial Services as part of Bureau Veritas Inspection and Certification the Netherlands b.v. has been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) under registration number I002 (type A) and C558 for the entire field of work of the PGS 29. Bureau Veritas Industrial Services has built up extensive expertise and experience in all the above-mentioned fields of work.


The introduction of PGS 29 has led to greater harmonisation in the handling of different types of storage tanks at different establishments. Because storage tanks are built, repaired, modified and maintained under different standards, several additional standards apply. The most commonly used are API 650, API 653, EN 14015 and EEMUA 159.