Afdeling Brandveiligheidsinspectie

Do you need your fire safety to be inspected?


In the Netherlands, buildings must meet minimum fire safety requirements. Legal requirements concerning the presence of fire protection systems have been imposed uniformly throughout the country, most recently in the Building Decree (Bouwbesluit) 2012. Therefore, organisations must demonstrate that the building meets these fire safety requirements by means of an inspection certificate.


Bureau Veritas has been a leader in the field of fire safety for decades. We assess your fire protection systems according to relevant laws and regulations, or other requirements. In addition, we can offer support to meet the necessary requirements so that the fire protection system becomes certifiable. We help our customers on locations and projects, ranging between public and private sector, from infrastructural or industrial, to offshore projects, both nationally and internationally.

Bureau Veritas carries out all inspections concerning fire safety under the accreditation of the RvA (Raad van Accreditatie - Dutch Accreditation Council). In addition to the installation, the "CCV fire protection inspection schedules" also assess related fire safety facilities such as organisational aspects, management, functionality and relevant architectural aspects. For example, the entire fire protection concept is tested and assessed.


Our focus is always on realising your ambitions concerning fire safety through independent inspection. Continuous improvement of safety at work and health protection requires expertise. Bureau Veritas offers that expertise, and assists you during every step of the process. Our expert and qualified project managers ensure that health and safety are no longer seen as a limitation, but as an opportunity to increase your employees' trust and improve your image and reputation.


  • Sprinkler systems
  • Light foam systems
  • Water spray systems
  • Water misting systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Smoke control systems
  • Evacuation alarm system
  • Fire alarm system