The sea is a high-risk environment. We help you navigate unpredictable waters to ensure safety, optimise your environmental performance and increase your asset integrity.



In shipping, the safety of the ship, crew and the environment is of critical importance. As a ship owner and/or operator, you need to ensure safety and compliance, whilst also managing other important priorities such as optimising your environmental performance to meet stricter industry-wide environmental regulations. At the same time, it is important to future-proof your vessels by optimising asset integrity and data protection management, as well as integrating digital systems to improve performance. 


Our classification services support safe vessel construction and operations, helping to ensure your ships and vessels meet regulatory requirements.

  • Ship classification Our expert team assesses all types of vessels including merchant, passenger and naval. We are leaders in the classification of ships fueled by liquified natural gas (LNG) and also class innovative floating LNG structures used for bunkering and as terminals. 
  • Marine expert network With a team of naval architects and structural and materials specialists. Bureau Veritas assists you in optimising your vessel construction and operations. 
  • Advanced digital tools Our digital tools solve complex technical problems, optimise maintenance and improve asset integrity.
  • Value-added services Our value-added services help you to address a variety of shipping challenges, such as optimising risk management, improving energy efficiency, supporting accident investigations and salvage, as well as helping insurers to manage claims.