Quality Management Bureau Veritas Belgium


Bureau Veritas has an exemplary function with regard to the policy in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). Because we are an internationally recognised QHSE leader, there is a continuous focus on improving the internal processes and the health and safety of our employees. But minimizing the impact on the environment and providing value-added services to our customers are also ingrained in our DNA. A network of QHSE professionals, supported and led by a central team, is widely deployed for this purpose at Bureau Veritas.

The following statements give substance to the QHSE principles.

Quality statement:

- The requirements of clients are met as much as possible
- Individual skills and involvement of employees
- All business processes are clearly and concretely defined and employees are trained in this
- All business processes are continuously improved and streamlined


QHSE organisation:

The implementation, management and implementation of the QHSE policy is a primary responsibility of line managers, assisted by our proprietary QHSE network, which is fed and managed by the QHSE Leadership Groups. These Groups develop policies, monitor and exchange best practices throughout the Bureau Veritas global organisation.

QHSE Management System:
Our management system provides us with the right management processes necessary for a continuous and consistent improvement of our business performance by:

- Alignment of the organisation through prioritisation and design of action plans
- Strengthening the capabilities of the network through training and coaching of employees
- Monitoring progress, identification and resolution of bottlenecks through the application of indicators
- Guaranteeing structural development through internal and external audits


Bureau Veritas has various accreditations in the Netherlands and Belgium (see accreditation and impartiality). In addition, Bureau Veritas Nederland and Bureau Veritas Belgium have an ISO9001, ISO14001, VCA, OHSAS and SCIOS certified management system*. If necessary, we can provide you with a copy of the aforementioned certification schemes on request.

*limited to the activities indicated in the scope.

Code of Ethics:

The Bureau Veritas Code of Ethics complies with all the principles and requirements of the IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies). The implementation of the Code of Ethics is reviewed periodically by an external third party. If necessary, we can provide you with a copy of the aforementioned Code of Ethics on request.