There are (production) processes in various industries in which physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity and time are important. Bureau Veritas specialises in validations for the machines controlling these: sterilisers, cleaning and disinfection machines and other process equipment. If you want to demonstrate that your sterilisation, cleaning and disinfection processes are done correctly, you should have them validated periodically. We measure various physical parameters during the processes, and assess the measurement results according to the specific standards and or requirements.


Before we carry out a validation, we first draw up an inspection plan with you. Important points of attention that we take into account are the guidelines and/or specifications, the type of device and the products that are used. After validation, you will receive a preliminary assessment of the process. Following that, you will receive a complete report in which all findings and conclusions are recorded. Bureau Veritas measures sterilisers, cleaning and disinfection machines and other process equipment such as dryers, climate chambers and mixing and kill tanks.


Bureau Veritas has been specialised in validations for 35 years, and delivers quality, both nationally and internationally. Some of our work processes are accredited by the RvA in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 (see INSPECTION RVA I002). Our focus is always on realising your ambitions concerning health, safety and the environment. Continuous improvement of safety at work and health protection requires expertise. Bureau Veritas offers that expertise by assisting you in all steps of the process