Emergency Response & Prevention officer consultancy


Employers have a legal duty to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for your employees. The Occupational Health & Safety Act (Arbowet) contains the regulations that you and your employees must comply with. Some of these regulations almost always apply, like organizing prevention services, including organising emergency services and appointing a prevention officer.


As an employer, you are obliged to appoint at least one prevention officer. Do you have 25 employers or less? Then you as an employer may be a prevention employee yourself. You are also obliged to appoint a (number of) emergency response personnel, even if you only have one staff member. The number of emergency response personnel depends, among other things, on the work risks, the size, and the average number of people present in the company.


According to the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Article 13), the tasks of the prevention officer are:

  • Supporting the employer to achieve optimal working conditions. This is done via the risk assessment and evaluation (RI&E).
  • Working with occupational health and safety experts, and participation in the measures to be taken.
  • The (co-) implementation of occupational health and safety measures.

The tasks of the emergency worker according to the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Article 15) are:

  • Providing first aid in the event of an accident.
  • Limiting and fighting fires and limiting the consequences of accidents.
  • Alerting and evacuating all persons present in the company in emergency situations.


The design of these prevention services in your company raises many questions. Where do I start? What policy documents should I have? What do I need in people and training? How do I position the officers in my company? How do I make the most of them? What else do I need to improve? Bureau Veritas supports your organisation with this – through planning and implementation, from training to on-the-job coaching.


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