Introduction Certification of management systems

Certification of management systems

Introduction Bureau Veritas Certification

In the Benelux, Bureau Veritas Certification is operationally controlled from our offices in Amersfoort and Antwerp. Here, our Customer Service operates as a fixed point of contact for our customers. In cooperation with one of the largest pools of auditors within the Benelux, we are continuously working on an optimal course of your certification process.

We strive to be a certification partner that actually do audits with added value. Of course, in many cases your end goal remains to obtain a certificate. However, you can expect us to challenge you to continuously improve your management system and optimise processes.

Bureau Veritas Certification offers more than 50 different standards within the Benelux. In this, we distinguish the well-known international standards, as well as many sector specific and local standards.

In addition, we also develop specific audits for clients along with customers. We do this based on our "Customised Audits" sector. An exclusive service that generates added value, and contributes to achieving your business objectives.

Our certification process

We have worked out the certification process step by step for you in our brochure “The Certification Process”. Here, you will find a practical explanation of the (re)certification process, and what steps you are taking to obtain the certificate with Bureau Veritas.

Aided by our brochure, we guide you through the (re)certification process. In addition, we create a schedule with you, and you will receive a tailor-made quotation from us.  

Our unique method

To provide an optimal service with your certification process, Bureau Veritas Certification considers it important that you as a customer have a fixed point of contact.

Once we have completed the certification agreement with each other, you as a customer are assigned a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), and you have your own fixed point of contact within our organisation. You can contact him or her with all your questions regarding planning, reports, certificates, invoicing and other agreements regarding your certification agreement.

Your auditor or audit team is selected with the utmost care, because we understand the essence of an audit, and above all that it is carried out appropriately and by the right auditor. Your lead auditor is preferably assigned to your organisation for at least a three-year cycle.

Our audit method proactively contributes to the realisation of your business objectives. The knowledge and experience of our specialist and sector specialist auditors adds value to your audits. This challenges you to take your management system to the next level. If necessary, we have several possibilities to carry out combined audits. This not only reduces the duration and costs of your audit, but also assesses your processes in full.

The certainty of accreditation

By choosing a certification body that works under accreditation, you have the certainty that there is independent supervision of the quality and validity of your certificate.

We think it is important, and strive to carry out our certification services under accreditation. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we mainly work with our local accreditations: Dutch Accreditation Council (registration number C165/C248) and BELAC (registration number BE-022/BE-V-0022). For a number of specification schemes, the accreditation is centralised at UKAS (registration number 0008).

International organisations

Our global organisation makes it possible to conduct your on-site audit with local auditors all over the world. Depending on your wishes, we can offer several options in order to achieve a desired and complete interpretation together.

Certified organisations

Would you like to know whether a company is certified by Bureau Veritas? Please contact us using the contact form, and we will be happy to help you with all your questions.

Additional information

More information can be found in our following documents:

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