BRL 6000-25 Certification on carbon monoxide prevention

BRL 6000-25 Certification on carbon monoxide prevention

BRL 6000-25 Certification on carbon monoxide prevention

In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in buildings, the government has decided that certain work on gas combustion plants may only be carried out by certified companies and technicians with a certificate of CO craftsmanship. By certification in accordance with the BRL 6000-25, this legal obligation is met.

The official description of the BRL 6000-25 is "Installation, repair, maintenance and commissioning of installations, sub-area building-related gas combustion appliance and associated facilities for the supply of combustion air and the discharge of flue gas".

Why BRL 6000-25 certification

As of October 2020, the Building Decree stipulates that only certified installation companies with skilled installation and maintenance technicians may carry out work on gas combustion appliances, combustion air supply facilities, and flue gas exhaust facilities. InstallQ has translated these legal requirements into the BRL 6000-25 assessment guideline. Companies have a transition period of 18 months to obtain their certification. From 1 April 2023, all companies must actually be certified

Advantages of a BRL 6000-25 certification process at Bureau Veritas

A single fixed point of contact

For several years, we have set up our certification department in the Benelux in such a way that you always have one permanent contact person as a point of contact. This person assists you in the planning, certificate issue, quotations and more. Thanks to these direct lines, it is possible to work together as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Experience in your sector

Bureau Veritas has a large number of auditors and inspectors who have extensive experience within your industry. Our audit method is known as pragmatic and helps to increase your chances of rapid certification.

How does a certification process work

Haven't you completed a certification process before? At Bureau Veritas, we are happy to help you obtain your BRL 6000-25 certificate. Sign up for one of our information sessions. We are happy to provide you with more information about the certification process.

In short, in the first year, the certification process consists of two parts. The first part is mainly focused on the organisation and internal quality control. Here, topics such as training, management of measuring tools, project files and quality manual are discussed. This part basically takes place at your company.

The second part is project-oriented. At one or more work locations, mainly the technical quality of the work is assessed. The number of projects that are assessed depends on the number of employees in your company, and the selection of areas for which you want to be certified. If a positive result is achieved, your organisation will be nominated for certification.

If you want more information about the certification process now already, you can also read our brochure, "The Certification Process". You can download the brochure here.

Structure of the BRL 6000-25 standard

The BRL 6000-25 is sub-divided into two areas;

  1. Gas combustion appliances, and individual combustion air supply and flue gas exhaust facilities.
  2. Collective combustion air supply and flue gas exhaust facilities.

Thus, you will be BRL 6000-25 certified!

In order to obtain the BRL 6000-25 certificate, your organisation must meet the requirements set out in the BRL 6000-25 standard. This includes requirements for:

  • Expertise of the staff
  • Execution of the work
  • Measuring instruments
  • Project registration
  • Quality Manual

During our information sessions, we will discuss the BRL 6000-25 standard requirements. You can participate for free. The session is given both physically and online. Are you interested in training? Please visit our dedicated training website.

Any questions about BRL 6000-25 or other services? Feel free to call us on +31(0) 88 450 56 00.