Energie & Nutsbedrijven

Power & utilities

The power and utilities industry faces unprecedented disruption as a result of decarbonization and digitalization. We help you to innovate, while securing and optimizing your assets.



Today, the power and utilities industry is rapidly reinventing itself: digitalization and interconnection are the new norm. And the goal to phase out fossil power by 2100 is pushing the industry to lay the groundwork for a low-carbon future. As an asset owner, operator, or service provider, you need to adapt your business model to this changing business environment. To do so, you want to boost your agility, increase your competitiveness, and ensure your asset’s safety and compliance with stringent environmental standards.


We provide you with support across all power generation, transmission, and distribution technologies, as well as water, gas, waste, and telecommunications utilities.

  • Design & permitting

Our services—such as design review and environmental impact assessment—ensure your project’s viability and long-term performance.

  • Procurement

Our services—such as product certification, supplier technical assessment, shop inspection, and expediting—help to mitigate supply chain risks.

  • Construction

Our services—such as on-site QA/QC and HSE, and commissioning—help you to manage health and safety, and construction quality.

  • Operational asset support

Our services—such as non-destructive testing, outage support, and environmental monitoring—help you to improve operational performance.

  • Asset management

Our services—such as condition monitoring, reliability engineering, and lifetime extension—help you to manage asset integrity.

  • Decommissioning

Our services—such as technical due diligence and waste classification—help you to meet end-of-life regulations.

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