Residential, retail and leisure buildings

Investors and developers aim to deliver residential, retail and leisure buildings that are both profitable and in line with end-user demands. Bureau Veritas is there to help you build safely and sustainably.



Today’s residential consumers want an increasingly personalised, comfortable living environment that incorporates digital services whilst remaining affordable. Developers meanwhile aim to deliver profitable retail and leisure buildings that meet occupiers’ needs. They must also be sure to obtain all necessary building permits and ensure health and safety during the build. On top of this, both providers and consumers are increasingly looking for buildings that can be run efficiently and minimise environmental impact.


Bureau Veritas is a leader in sustainability certification for buildings. We are also a trusted partner for construction health and safety, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance for equipment in service.

Our clients trust us to be there for them every step of the way during their residential, retail and leisure construction projects. We help them build sustainably and remain compliant with all regulations from start-up through to handover.

  • Sustainability  Green building is a top priority for many builders around the world. We can put your mind at ease by ensuring your building complies with environmental performance standards and end-user requirements for a healthy work environment. We help obtain certifications such as LEED, HQE and BREEAM whilst helping to meet regulatory requirements, such as obtaining Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). 
  • Asset management support Our experts conduct a full inventory and inspection of your asset before devising an asset management plan. Once in operation, we perform asset performance assessments to ensure your asset is being used at its maximum efficiency.
  • Regulatory compliance Our in-service inspections for equipment such as boilers and electrical systems are geared to help you comply with all regulations.
  • Handover As buildings get bigger and with increasingly complex design elements, health, safety and environmental regulations are stricter and more sophisticated. Our technical due diligence service facilitates visual inspections of property transactions and their potential