Risk inventory & evaluation (RI&E)


The Occupational Health & Safety Act requires you to identify possible (Occupational Health and Safety-related) risks within your company and to take the right measures to reduce these risks as much as possible. The Risk Inventory and Evaluation, or RI&E in short, has been developed for that identification of the risks present. Because only when you know what risks there are, can you take the right measures. This RI&E is mandatory for all companies with employees. The RI&E forms the basis of a Plan of Action. It states who takes what measure, when.  By implementing the Plan of Action, companies can make the work safer and healthier.

Why aN RI&E?

The aim of an RI&E is to support management in the conduct of a structural occupational health and safety policy, taking into account the risks present. This way you work on optimal working conditions for your employees. From a financial point of view, it is also beneficial to carry out an RI&E. Because the costs of industrial accidents and absenteeism outweigh the costs involved in making the working environment safe.

Benefits of an RI&E:

  • It gives you an idea of all relevant dangers and risks within your company
  • You meet all legal obligations
  • With the plan of action, you can reduce the costs of absenteeism
  • By carrying out the inventory, employees feel more involved in the organisation, and they will deliver better work performance

An RI&E can help you with the following aspects, among other things:

  • Setting up a good occupational health and safety policy
  • Reducing incidents and accidents
  • A policy for psychosocial workload (bullying, sexual harassment and aggression)

RI&E for your organisation

Bureau Veritas RiskControl is specialised in inventorying and advising on an RI&E. We also offer assistance in drawing up the Plan of Action. If desired, Bureau Veritas organizes the statutory review for you. We can also help your company to adjust or further improve your existing RI&E, for example by drawing up Task Risk Analyses or conducting targeted investigations of certain processes. Together, we ensure that your organisation is as safe as possible.

Bureau Veritas RiskControl

Our approach is characterized by the use of special teams of competent specialists, who focus on specific projects or parts thereof. We avail over a wide range of expertise and practical experience, both at home and abroad, that we use flexibly, fully tailored to your needs.


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