food manufactoring and processing

food manufactoring and processing

Stricter regulations and increased consumer awareness are driving a global increase in product recalls. We help you to optimise your food manufacturing practices and help avoid the negative consequences of product contamination.



Product contamination and recalls are on the rise due to factors such as stricter regulations, supply chain disruptions and increased consumer awareness. Each case has the potential to cause significant financial losses to food manufacturers and processors, so it is vital to secure your supply chain and ensure the safety and quality of your food sourcing practices. In addition, you want to access international markets without sustaining global reputational damage as a result of non-compliance with regulations.


We provide the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services you need to secure your supply chain and ensure the safety and quality of your food production practices.

  • Laboratory services to ensure ingredient quality and safety We test your products in our laboratories to guarantee the ingredients used meet the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Laboratory services for market access Our expert team provides testing services that unlock access to international markets, including accreditation to the compulsory allergen labelling in Europe. 
  • Health and safety inspections and customised audits Bureau Veritas performs customised audits and carries out health and safety inspections to ensure excellence in your food manufacturing and processing practices.
  • Government food testing programmes We provide testing services to governments worldwide, to help protect the quality and safety of their food supply.