Occupational hygiene


In this context, occupational hygiene means anticipating, recognising, evaluating and managing health risks in the working environment. By examining topics such as ergonomics, climate, noise and hazardous substances, we identify latent dangers that only manifest later. This allows you to take the right actions to protect the health of your employees, and create a healthy working environment.


For ergonomics, we investigate the different workplaces in your organisation (the office, production, service), identify the different tasks that people perform in those workplaces, and their impact on the musculoskeletal system. By analysing posture, effort, duration and environmental factors, we can determine whether there is a risk of muscle, back or joint overload. We can devise practical solutions for this so that people can work in a better position, for example using tools or another design of a production process.


A good climate in the workplace ensures a pleasant work experience. If this is not optimal for the work to be carried out, this can lead to complaints. By researching the climate, we can propose targeted solutions to improve it.


Sound can be disturbing and deteriorate communication between people, but also dangerous and affect our hearing. When there is too much noise in the working environment, a company is legally obliged to reduce it. By taking stock of the noise level in strategic places and per employee, we can make an overview of the noise load. If it is too high, you are obliged to base a plan of action on this, with measures to reduce the noise level. Our experts can carry out the measurements, and draw up a plan of action and measures to be taken to make the noise level acceptable.

Hazardous substances

Nowadays, dangerous substances are indispensable. Under the right conditions, they do not pose a direct danger to the health of workers. To ensure there is no excessive exposure, we can investigate air quality, whether hazardous substances are stored correctly and used safely enough so that there is no unnecessary exposure.

We can help your organisation by:

  • Identifying hazards that may be detrimental to health
  • Performing in-depth risk assessments to perform
  • Performing measurements to identify the stressful factors
  • Advising on practical measures

Bureau Veritas RiskControl

Our approach is characterized by the use of special teams of competent specialists, who focus on specific projects or parts thereof. We avail over a wide range of expertise and practical experience, both at home and abroad, that we use flexibly, fully tailored to your needs.


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