Supervision of the user inspection department (uid)

Supervision of the user inspection department (UID)


Many companies within the process industry use pressure equipment. In this context, we are talking about equipment that is subject to an overpressure of more than 0.5 bar. Companies that have pressure equipment and installations may have them assessed, repaired and (re)inspected by specially trained personnel. This is done within the framework of the Commodities Act Decree on Pressure Equipment 2016 and in accordance with the directives of the User's Inspection Department (UID).


On 15 October 2010, Bureau Veritas Industrial Services received the status of NL-CBI conformity assessment body (formerly AKI). This has been assessed and approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment, according to the Work Field Schedule Conformity Assessment Pressure Equipment (WCD - Werkveldschema Conformiteitsbeoordeling Drukapparatuur).

As NL-CBI, Bureau Veritas fulfils the role of statutory supervisor and certifying body.


It is mainly the medium and large companies in the process industry that have a User Inspection Department. This has to do with the volume of the pressure equipment and installations available to them.


As NL-CBI, Bureau Veritas supervises the UID activities of clients. We are looking at whether these activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable rules and whether they can be accepted as such by competent authorities. In addition, Bureau Veritas takes care of its certification.


The three-year cycle starts with an initial review, followed by annual evaluations. After 3 years, Bureau Veritas can renew the cycle for 3 years on the basis of a reassessment.  

We do this during the review and evaluations:

  • We assess the certified quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard

This is a basic condition for UID activities

  • We initially test the additional UID certification

This is assessed additionally based on specific WCD aspects;
in the event of a positive result, we draw up a UID Certificate of Approval

  • We evaluate the implementation of UID

In other words, a practical assessment at the client's location(s)

  • We evaluate and reassess the UID-specific part of the quality management system periodically

This amounts to an annual document assessment and review in practice

In addition to the inspection and certification of the UID's quality management system, Bureau Veritas supervises the execution of inspections, reports and registrations of inspections carried out on pressure equipment by the client's UID.

Interim construction changes and repairs to pressure equipment are also supervised by Bureau Veritas.