Inspection of electrical installations in medically used rooms

Inspection of electrical installations in medically used rooms


Electrical installations in medical rooms must be inspected after the first installation, and after each major modification, before they can be (re)commissioned.

The inspection of electrical installations in medically used rooms is carried out to ensure that the work has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the applicable NEN 1010. During the inspection, checks are carried out, measurements and tests are conducted.

The first inspection will be carried out before the medically used room is commissioned with the aim of establishing that the use of the space does not pose a danger to patients.

After extensions or modifications to the electrical installations, an inspection must be carried out before commissioning. The inspection will verify compliance with the standards applicable to the installation. The inspection will be carried out based on the inspection requirements as set out in the applicable standard.


The installations will be assessed based on the regulations and standards in force at the first instance. The basis for these installations are the safety regulations for low-voltage installations mentioned in:

NEN 1010:2015+C1:2016+C2:2016                           for installations from 2016 to present

NEN 1010:2007+C1:2008/A1:2011+C1:2011            for installations from 2011 to 2016

NEN 1010:2007+C1:2008                                          for installations from 2008 to 2011

NEN 1010-7:2000/A3:2005                                        for installations from 2005 to 2008

NEN 3134:1992 nl                  (3rd print)                   for installations from 1992 to 2005

NEN 3134:1986 nl                  (2nd print)                  for installations from 1986 to 1992

NEN 3134:1976                      (1st print)                   for installations prior to 1986

For all installations, they must be inspected in accordance with the relevant regulations of NEN 3140+A2:2018.

When determining regulation 5.101 of NEN 3140+A2:2018, Chapter 62 (periodic inspection) of NEN 1010 must also be complied with.

This methodology is laid down in a quality system and associated technical reference works. Independent content experts of the RvA assess the accredited activities annually.

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