Validation of autoclaves


To be able to (re)use surgical instruments safely in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, they are cleaned, maintained, packaged and sterilised in autoclaves after use. To demonstrate that your autoclaves are working properly, you should have them validated periodically. Bureau Veritas can carry out this validation accurately on your behalf.

Bureau Veritas' Validation & Monitoring department was established in 1985 from Krachtwertuigen (Kwant) and later KW2. Due to our extensive experience involving process validations, you are assured of a professionally executed procedure. And with our team of ten highly skilled validation technicians, we can plan flexibly.


We validate autoclaves in the medical sector and pharmaceutical industry when required or desired.


The EN285 or EN13060 standards in combination with ISO17665-1 apply in the validation of autoclaves.


What does the validation process look like? First, we draw up an audit plan with you as a client/user. Important focus points included in this plan:

  • the applicable standard
  • the type of device (make, type, age, status, size etc.)
  • load bearing
  • the processes.

In consultation with you, we also determine at this stage when the validation takes place.

Our validation technician conducts measurements during the sterilisation process and assesses the measurement results according to the applicable standards. Afterwards, the technician will discuss the results with you, and you will receive a preliminary assessment. Within twenty working days, you will receive a final report with all findings and conclusions.


Bureau Veritas' Validation & Monitoring department is accredited as an ISO/IEC17020 type A inspection body. This means the validation we perform is completely independent. In addition, our validations are periodically assessed by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA - Raad voor Accreditatie) and by various certification bodies. On the RvA website, you will find the scope of the work areas for which we are accredited.


Instead of the default standards, a client can also opt for its own validation plan, which deviates or goes beyond the applicable standards. A review condition is that the plan refers to those standards, or that the assessment requirements have been fully recorded.


Would you like to know more about Bureau Veritas' validation of autoclaves? Then call our Validation & Monitoring department (+31 (0)88 450 5710)