chiller management


The management of chillers often involves three parties: the manufacturer of the installation, the owner or manager of the building and the party responsible for the maintenance. Because the installations and requirements are becoming more and more complicated, carrying out this combined management the best way possible can be difficult. Failure to properly assess deviations, and the need to replace parts, can lead to miscommunication among the parties, but also to malfunctions and the associated failure costs.

Bureau Veritas Asset Management developed a method to better manage chillers. By giving all parties a better insight into the problems, we ensure that a malfunction can be remedied quickly, without unnecessary costs and waiting times. Through our specific knowledge of chillers, we can paint an objective picture of the overall technical condition, the state of maintenance and of the compressors, for instance. We take the lead and keep the burden on your organisation to a minimum.

Why chiller management?

Maintenance costs form an important part of the operating costs of real estate. But buildings, technical installations and legal obligations have become increasingly complex. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan the maintenance properly, and to budget the costs adequately.

How can we prevent the quality of a chiller from deteriorating? What guarantees do you have for the operational reliability of the installations? And what costs do we still find acceptable? All concrete questions, requiring an objective and structural insight with regard to the state of maintenance of your chillers and their associated installations.

What does chiller management entail?

When we are allowed to manage your chillers, we will take care of the following things on your behalf:

  • annual condition measurement of the installations in accordance with NEN 2767
  • the assessment of quotations and invoices based on the current agreements
  • checking compliance with the maintenance agreements
  • annual multi-year budget
  • inspection management (EPBD, F-gases, PED, etc.)
  • failure management
  • chairing periodic discussions with installers or maintenance parties
  • advice to building owners (or managers)
  • providing solutions in case of problems and calamities
  • support in tendering maintenance agreements.

Bureau Veritas Asset Management

Bureau Veritas Asset Management focuses on building management support. We have built up specific expertise around chillers. As a result, we have the experience and expertise on hand to better understand installations. Thus, we will identify the real problem faster and better when a chiller has a malfunction. This will ensure that such problems can henceforth be prevented, or can henceforth be solved more efficiently within the available financial frameworks. Together, we can thus ensure that your buildings and installations are safe for users and their environment, and meet the legal and desired conditions. 


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