Introductie Electrical



Manufacturers, importers and retailers of electrical equipment and electronics are constantly confronted with the speed with which technological developments and changes follow each other. In addition, consumers have more and more requirements in terms of reliability and technical possibilities. And don't forget the regulations. These are always on the move, with all the consequences this entail for organisations.


Bureau Veritas helps you with the execution of tests, inspections, certification and additional services regarding compliance with specific standards for electrical installations and equipment. The focus is on your equipment's performance, and assessing whether your products and electrical installations meet the quality requirements. Thus, you know whether your electrical installations are safe and that you have minimized the risk of, for example, fire or lightning strike.


The Bureau Veritas inspectors are all specialists in the statutory mandatory facilities, and have extensive knowledge of the standards in the field of electrical installations. Our goal is to check the safety and efficiency of electrical installations and to enable preventive maintenance, so that you do not have to worry about it.