scios scope 12

SCIOS Scope 12 - inspection of solar power installations

Increase in use of solar power and solar power installations  

In recent years, the deployment of solar power installations has increased rapidly. With the continuous rise in energy prices, the use of alternative, non-fossil energy sources will increase in popularity, making solar power a permanent phenomenon. As a result, the use of solar power installations will only increase further.  

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Risks when using solar power installations 

There are also risks associated with the use of solar power installations, such as fire safety. Partly for this reason, at the initiative of, among others, the Dutch Association of Insurers, the installation and inspection sector and the SCIOS Foundation, a new grant programme has been developed for the inspection and assessment of solar power installations: SCIOS Scope 12.  

This inspection and assessment method is not an unnecessary luxury. Most fires are caused by unsafe installations in electrical equipment and installations. Fire risk and damage is disproportionately common when using solar power installations. A state of affairs that calls for extra attention and control. 

Assessment of the technical condition of the installation 

As usual, the SCIOS scope 12 grant programme comprises an initial special inspection (ISI) and periodic or follow-up inspections (PI). During the ISI, a number of parameters are thoroughly inspected and assessed. This concerns, among other things, checking the presence of various basic documents and the quality of the solar power installation’s construction, and thus whether the installation in question complies with the applicable standards and the manufacturer's technical instructions. 

During the PI, the emphasis is on assessing the technical condition of the installation and the level of maintenance. The load-bearing capacity of the structural construction, potential fire safety risks and, of course, electrical safety are also critically examined.Pagina-einde 

Want to have a SCIOS scope 12 inspection carried out? Bureau Veritas is happy to help you! 

Since 2021, Bureau Veritas has been formally certified to perform SCIOS scope 12 inspections, underlining our expertise in this field. 

Although it is not (yet) generally mandatory, more and more insurers are including the SCIOS scope 12 inspection for solar power installations as a requirement in their fire insurance policies. In addition to this practical reason to have a SCIOS scope 12 inspection carried out, it is especially important that you reduce (fire safety) risks to a minimum and prevent (injury) damage. 

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