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By commissioning, we mean monitoring the design and execution process of a building and its installations, so that we ensure that the end result corresponds to the Program of Requirements as formulated in the assignment. The commissioning is carried out by one of the independent Bureau Veritas Asset Management commissioning managers. 

Commissioning does not interfere with the design as such, but mainly ensures the due diligence of the process, good cooperation and communication between the various parties involved. Because miscommunication between parties is the main reason why in practice, 70% of the installations do not function according to the principles. This can lead to climate complaints, malfunctions, shorter installation life, and high energy bills. 

In short, commissioning ultimately ensures that a building functions as intended: with a healthy working and living environment, good energy performance, fewer malfunctions, and therefore less failure costs.  


Usually, a keen selection based on experience, craftsmanship and price ensures the composition of the parties involved in a construction project. However, the individual performance of the parties does not guarantee a project delivery that runs smoothly. Even though each party performs its tasks to the best of its ability, in practice, it appears cooperation does not always line up.  

Why is it possible in practice for things to turn out differently than expected? Bureau Veritas Asset Management distinguishes four possible reasons: 

  • unclear Specifications 
  • deviations from the Specifications that have not been communicated with the client 
  • errors in installation calculations or drawings that have remained due to lack of control 
  • changes in the architectural design that have not been passed on to the installation designer. 

In order to maintain an overview of the entire process, we recommend appointing a commissioning manager who can monitor this overview. This is subject to the condition that this person is impartial, and not being part of the design or construction team. The commissioning manager acts on behalf of the client, to whom he reports his findings without intervention. 


Bureau Veritas Asset Management facilitates that an entirely independent and qualified commissioning manager ensures that the performance of your installations is properly guaranteed. This allows us to guarantee optimal operation under operating conditions, making the building more energy efficient and thus a lot more sustainable. Are you undergoing a BREEAM process? Then you can add up to 3 points for the MAN1 level (performance guarantees). 


Bureau Veritas Asset Management focuses on building management support. That includes commissioning. Together, we can thus ensure that your buildings and installations comply with the legal and desired conditions.  


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