ASSET MANAGEMENT - Structural audit


A Structural Audit is a unique inspection method to map the architectural condition and stability of a real estate object. Not only based on defects that can be identified visually, but also by conducting more in-depth research.

Why a Structural Audit?

In order to get the best possible picture of the object risks of existing real estate, Bureau Veritas Asset Management not only looks at visible defects in a Structural Audit, but also – through 'destructive' research – looks at hidden defects.

Can the suspension construction of the façade panels still be trusted? How reliable is the roof structure under the roofing? By mapping the stability of the entire building structure, we support you in taking any measures at strategic, tactical and operational level. You can focus on your real estate in a risk-oriented way, and substantiate your real estate strategies and maintenance planning. What adjustments need to be made immediately, and which can wait a while? Thus, you help to reduce the risk of accidents that can be caused by the construction of the building.

Because you have a clear picture of your property risks, you can draw up a sophisticated maintenance plan, which also allows you to increase the return on your property.

The advantages of a Structural Audit:

  • you get a better picture of your real estate's structural risks, per building
  • you have listed the risks of real estate objects in order of urgency
  • you have an overview of the risks for property, persons and environment for each building
  • you can mutually compare the buildings in your portfolio
  • you get a proposal for solutions for repair and/ or monitoring
  • you gain a better knowledge of the structural condition of your buildings
  • you can better choose where in your buildings you want to invest
  • you can better compare management and maintenance investments and increase your return.

You can have the Structural Audit supplemented with an Asset Maintenance Plan. This allows you to determine the urgency of any defects found, and to budget and include the repair in a multi-year plan.

Structural Audits for your organisation

Bureau Veritas Asset Management monitors and advises on real estate issues and building management. In doing so, we clearly chart your expectations in advance, and quickly get to the heart of achieving the right end result.

Bureau Veritas Asset Management

Bureau Veritas Asset Management can tap into years of experience in the field of real estate and buildings. In addition to carrying out these Structural Audits, we can support you in implementing the desired measures. Together, we can thus ensure that your buildings and installations are safe for users and their environment, and meet the legal and desired conditions.


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