Ergonomics is the scientific study of humans in relation to their environment, for example a product, a room or a workplace. Ergonomics is also the profession that applies these scientific insights and design methods to optimize human well-being and the overall performance of an organisation.

An employer who offers its employees an ergonomically good workplace, increases their employability, reduces the risk of stress and reduces absenteeism.


The mandatory risk assessment often highlights points of attention that require further ergonomic research. Bureau Veritas can then carry out an in-depth risk assessment of the workplaces (office, production or service): we identify different tasks and measure their impact on the musculoskeletal system. By analysing posture, effort, duration and environmental factors, it becomes clear whether there is a risk of complaints. We can then come up with practical solutions to ensure the employee works in a better posture, for example with tools or by setting up a production process differently. We can also provide training to the staff to raise awareness of good posture and ergonomic knowledge and insight.


The Occupational Health & Safety Act (Chapter 5, Physical Load) stipulates that workplaces must be set up according to ergonomic principles. This means that the employer must provide a workplace designed to take account of the workers who use the workplace, and that they are not at risk. Ergonomics should also be an integral part of the Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) and assessed as sufficient.


Bureau Veritas has specialist knowledge and experience in the field of ergonomics and provides various services that help you optimize well-being within your organisation. Think of identifying hazards that can harm the health of employees, carrying out in-depth risk assessments, performing measurements with which we can identify the stressful factors, advising on practical measures and giving training to employees.


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