Storage tank inspection 

Storage tank inspection 


Bureau Veritas offers inspections for both the construction and commissioning of storage tanks, to verify that they meet the imposed standards and requirements. This is in order to guarantee safety and conformity and to determine any defects early. 


The inspection procedure applies to both above-ground and underground storage tanks for liquids and gas, where the inspection is always carried out in accordance with national and regional legislation. You can call on us as an owner, as a buyer or as a manufacturer of storage tanks. 


Through these inspections, Bureau Veritas supports its customers in the compliance of storage tanks, both in case of commissioning and construction, with the imposed standards and legislation: 

General for commissioning and construction: 

  • National and regional legislation such as VLAREM II, Brussels legislation, Walloon legislation, Royal and ministerial decrees 
  • Additional obligations as stated in the environmental permit 
  • The Codex 
  • General regulations on electrical installations (AREI - Algemeen reglement op de elektrische installaties) 
  • Standards published in the Official Journal of the European Union and conversion into national law  

Specific to construction: 

  • International codes like API standard 650, AD-Merkblatt, EN 14015, EN 12285-1/2 

Specific for commissioning: 

  • International codes such as API 653, various EN standards 
  • EEMUA publication 159 Guide for the inspection, maintenance and repair of flat bottomed above-ground storage tanks  


For inspection after construction, Bureau Veritas checks both the design and construction of the storage tank and the performance based on various tests and examinations to verify conformity.  In particular, we look at: 

  • the technical documentation of the design and manufacturing process; 
  • the certificate of conformity of the material used; 
  • the qualification and approval of an inspection body or an approved third party; 
  • the acceptability of the manufacturing quality by means of inspections during the construction of the storage tank; 
  • possibility of commissioning by means of a final internal and external inspection in which the necessary documents and possibly, if applicable, the safety accessories are checked.

At or from the commissioning, Bureau Veritas can do the following for you: 

  • we carry out inspections and check the documents necessary when commissioning a new storage tank in which, if applicable, the safety accessories are also checked for conformity; 
  • we carry out periodic inspections based on applicable regulations; 
  • if necessary, we carry out Fitness-for-Service inspections according to the applied EEMUA 159 codes to assess the integrity of the tank; 
  • ​​​​​​​if necessary, we will follow up on repairs or modifications to repair and maintain the integrity of the tank. 


Accreditation scope according to accreditation certificate 123-INSP.​​​​​​​


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