Steam and compressed air

Steam and compressed air


Companies using steam appliances and/or compressed air containers are required by law to have them inspected by a control body. We as Bureau Veritas can carry out these checks for you, both at (re)commissioning and periodically.


Bureau Veritas carries out such inspections at companies using steam appliances and/or compressed air containers.

With steam appliances we imply the following installations:

  • Steam reservoirs
  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam generators
  • Low pressure steam generators
  • Industrial installations for production

When we talk about the inspection of compressed air containers, we must also include numerous other similar installations that could potentially pose the same danger:

  • Pressure vessels intended for spraying certain products such as paint or cement
  • Container for muffling/braking a machine
  • Holder for operating a valve
  • Start-up reservoirs
  • Sprinkler systems


Through these inspections, Bureau Veritas supports its customers in compliance of steam appliances and compressed air containers with the imposed standards and legislation such as:

Inspection for commissioning and periodic checks of compressed air holders:

  • Walloon government decree
  • VLAREM (Flemish region)
  • Brussels Capital Region
  • Directive 2009/105/EC on simple form pressure vessels

Joint compressed air containers and steam appliances:

  • Directive 2014/68/EU on the creation of a free European market

Pre-commissioning inspection and periodic checks on steam appliances:

  • Royal and Ministerial Decree October 1991 for steam appliances to strengthen existing legislation to avoid accidents
  • Environmental permit requirements


During an inspection at (re)commissioning, our inspector verifies the construction documents and checks whether the regulatory mandatory safety devices are present and working properly. In addition, for steam appliances, the inspector carries out a water pressure test and examines any repairs.

During a periodic check, an inspector will carry out an internal and external examination of the equipment, and test the proper functioning of the safety devices.

A periodic check of steam appliances also involves water treatment.

When the devices comply, you will receive a report from Bureau Veritas with which you can demonstrate that your equipment complies with the applicable standards and legislation, and operates in safe conditions. In addition, our controls offer you the opportunity to closely monitor the condition and evolution of your devices.


Accreditation scope according to accreditation certificate 123-INSP.