Inspections of lifting equipment

Inspections of lifting equipment


To ensure the safety of your lifting equipment, Bureau Veritas offers inspections of the lifting equipment regardless of their location (buildings, factories, outdoors...). Thanks to these inspections, defects or malfunctions can be detected early.


Through these inspections, Bureau Veritas supports its customers in complying with the imposed standards and legislation such as:

  • General regulations for the protection of employees (Algemeen Reglement voor de Arbeidsbescherming or ARAB)
  • The Codex

Lifting equipment can be:

  • Aerial platforms
  • Vertical lift-bridges
  • Material lifts
  • Work equipment intended for lifting or hoisting of loads, which are exceptionally used for lifting or hoisting persons

Accessories can be:

  • Lifting or hoisting tools
  • Personal protective equipment


Bureau Veritas offers both initial verifications and periodic inspections. In the event of an initial verification, we inspect whether lifting equipment complies with all legal provisions before commissioning, after movement, after structural modification(s) or when adding a new part, in order to guarantee everyone's safety. During the periodic inspections, our inspectors inspect the lifting equipment to ensure that they continue to meet the applicable requirements in order to guarantee everyone's safety once again. The periodicity of these inspections is laid down in the contract, regulations and/or the standard(s).


Accreditation scope according to accreditation certificate 123-INSP