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New E-Learning module related to Aviation Safety

Jun. 21 2021

NEW E-LEARNING MODULE related to aviation safety

The Bureau Veritas Training portfolio includes many training options on safety, yet so far did not include a training option dedicated especially to aviation.

A brand new e-learning module related to this particular topic has recently been added to our training portfolio. The module can be taken anywhere and at any moment and requires an attendance of about 3,5 hours.

This new e-learning module has been developed for managers having an overall responsibility besides safety managers and specific staff members involved in aviation safety. The training is equally suitable for staff members who are involved in aviation safety from a production (EASA part 21) or a maintenance (EASA part 145) perspective.


The aim of this e-learning module is to understand the key concepts regarding safety management and to become familiar with the framework of safety management within the EASA regulatory context (European Aviation Safety Agency).

In addition the e-learning module provides you with knowledge regarding the planning of implementation and the evaluation of the efficiency of a safety management system besides becoming aware of human factors.

This e-learning module includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Risk management principles
  • Supporting processes: from risk management towards SMS
  • SMS implementation plan
  • Human factors in SMS 

More information on our new Aerospace e-learning module?

Please contact Training Coordinator Jessie van Wilpen via +31 (0) 88 450 5554 / +32 (0) 32 479 407 or click on the link below.