Compliance uitdagingen


Compliance challenges

Mar. 14 2024

The importance of compliance for businesses is becoming increasingly prominent, driven by recent developments. Compliance, a crucial factor for business success, acts as a 'license to operate' and is essential for delivering products and services.

At both national and international levels, the compliance landscape is undergoing significant changes. The traditional focus on EHS (health, safety, and environment) is giving way to a broader scope, with sustainability and ESG principles (environmental, social, and governance) in the spotlight.

With this shift come new demands and regulations in compliance, amidst growing attention from stakeholders such as investors, business partners, NGOs, consumers, and regulators. This critical scrutiny focuses on the extent to which organizations comply with legal obligations and report on them.

Naturally, this development brings challenges. How do you gain insight into relevant and current legal obligations? How do you interpret these in practice? And how do you stay up-to-date and anticipate new laws and regulations? This requires not only knowledge and skills but also an organizational culture that aligns with these, alongside other prerequisites.

In our compliance whitepaper, we delve deeper into the challenges associated with the subject matter and provide practical information that stimulates thought. Additionally, the whitepaper offers guidance and insights into possible solutions.