metals minerals trade services

Metals & Minerals Trade Services 

Bureau Veritas provides a broad range of independent inspection and testing services throughout the entire supply chain. We help our clients minimise commercial risks by quickly determining the physical properties of your shipments. 

Our global network of laboratories located close to the world’s major ports and mining and refining locations ensure accurate and swift analysis of metals & minerals products as well as supervision of weighing (including draft survey), sampling, pre-shipment, and load & discharge inspections. 

Discover our Metals and Minerals Services: 

  • Analytical & Assay Laboratories
  • Arbitration 'Umpire' Testing 
  • Fire Assay 
  • Electronic Scrap Testing (on prepared samples)  
  • High Precision Assaying 
  • Loading & Discharge Supervision & Inspection 
  • Supervision Services for Sampling and Sample Preparation  
  • Stock Monitoring  
  • Supervision of Weight Determination 

In addition to these services, we also provide customised solutions to meet the needs of our clients.  

Discover our Metals and Minerals Services: