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To support a safe and sustainable ramp-up of hydrogen production and consumption in the next decade, Bureau Veritas is a global reference in terms of technical and regulatory services for hydrogen energy players.


A diverse range of energy industry players are currently launching projects to develop hydrogen production and use. Traditionally, hydrogen has been produced from fossil energies and consumed for industry uses. Today’s shift to green hydrogen marks a new era for the lightest and most abundant molecule in the universe, with the development of plenty of new use cases. The nascent green hydrogen market faces many challenges. Among these is a lack of codes and standards, resulting in emerging needs for technical advisory, certification, testing, training, and traceability. Players within the industry need to ensure that their projects are compliant with regulations and with end-consumers expectations about environmental attributes.


With a rich history of bringing trust, transparency, and quality assurance to clients, and as a Hydrogen Council member since 2020, Bureau Veritas has the expertise to support hydrogen industry players today and tomorrow. Leveraging our well-established position within the oil and gas, power and utilities, and shipping industries, Bureau Veritas is a strategic partner to hydrogen energy players worldwide. We bring our global, broad and cross-sector technical expertise to the industry via our holistic Hydrogen Label. We also offer hydrogen risk & safety related services as well as hydrogen supply chain quality assurance, technical advisory, owner’s engineering and independent quality testing.

Our Renewable Hydrogen Label provides hydrogen producers with a unique passport to end markets by attesting their commitment to safe and sustainable hydrogen production. Through this voluntary certification scheme, Bureau Veritas has established one single methodology to be applied globally to serve hydrogen producers, investors, and off-takers. It sets a new standard for transparency in terms of safety and sustainability of hydrogen production based on best practices and available industry standards.

The scheme also provides a methodology to calculate the hydrogen production plant’s carbon footprint and assess its life cycle while establishing a common threshold to obtain the certificate. To deliver the Label, we periodically verify the real quantity of hydrogen produced onsite. To renew the asset’s certification, we carry out annual inspections and audits relating to safety, sustainability and life cycle assessment.

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  • Production

    Owner’s engineer throughout the stages of hydrogen production

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    Bureau Veritas can serve as owner’s engineer throughout the stages of hydrogen production. We can handle construction supervision, risk and safety management, supply chain services and more. We provide support for asset and electrolyzer certifications. Our unique Hydrogen Label offers producers a way to demonstrate their compliance with regulations as well as answer end-users’ expectations on environmental attributes.


    Long-standing experience in the oil and gas industry

    Hydrogen ship

    Our long-standing experience in the oil and gas industry enables us to bring support to gas/hydrogen blending or gas pipeline re-purposing projects. Through our expertise in marine and offshore industries, we can offer support on areas such as hydrogen liquefaction and derivatives bunkering. We also certify onboard engines and fuel cells.

  • End use

    Trusted independent party to hydrogen players around the world.

    Hydrogen fuel station

    From refueling station related services to equipment certification, Bureau Veritas’ community of experts act as a trusted independent party to hydrogen players around the world.

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