Olie en Petrochemie

Oil and petrochemicals

Bureau Veritas responds to the needs of major oil and petrochemical industry players through an expansive global network of testing facilities.



Quality control services are crucial to the oil and petrochemicals industry, and to those who use their products. Oil, gas and petrochemical producers and traders need to be certain of the quality of their product and must take steps to ensure its value is preserved. Airlines, ship owners and vendors of auto fuel also need to be sure fuel and lubricants are on-specification.


Bureau Veritas offers inspection, testing and consultancy services at loading, discharge and ship-to-ship locations around the world. Our clients benefit from our global network of state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities.

  • Upstream oil & gas Bureau Veritas provides accurate analysis of crude oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, well water and effluent testing for onshore and offshore clients.
  • Downstream oil & gas/refineries Our expert team uses diverse analytical techniques in our cutting-edge facilities to help clients adhere to the most demanding industry standards concerning petroleum crude oil refining and raw natural gas processing and purification. 
  • Aviation and shipping We monitor and analyse aircraft fuel quality to ensure that only on-specification fuel reaches an aircraft. In the shipping sector, it safeguards a seamless transition for cargo transfers, especially for petroleum cargo.
  • Automotive/fuel stations Bureau Veritas also provides a range of support for the automotive industry, including bacterial testing on gasoline and diesel. At fuel stations, we help clients comply with stringent product, environmental and safety legislation. 
  • Industry and asset integrity Our professional and qualified team runs routine oil condition monitoring to identify problems within machinery, such as that found in nuclear power plants, so that it can be repaired before catastrophic failure occurs.