Enhesa partnership


Compliance, or compliance with laws & regulations, is a must for almost every organization and institution. Apart from the need to demonstrate compliance with legal obligations, compliance is becoming an increasingly prominent part of modern and future-oriented business management.

The theme of compliance is closely interwoven with the term ESG (environmental, social & governance), the three most important aspects of sustainability. The bridge to the European ESG legislation on sustainability reporting has thus been swiftly established.

This legislation – currently mandatory for listed companies – will expand further to non-listed companies and institutions in the coming years and will therefore become relevant to a much larger target group.

In addition to sustainability, the concept of compliance is also a means of preventing business risks, or reducing them to an acceptable level. As a result, the theme of compliance is also seen as a measure of reliability and therefore of the business reputation of any organisation and institution.

Complying with (inter)national legal obligations

Managing compliance is therefore very important, but it often turns out to be a difficult task in practice. Apart from national legal obligations in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is European legislation.

For organisations and institutions that are also active outside the Dutch and/or Belgian borders, the challenge is even more complex if possible, as they are faced with a multitude of specific legal requirements that can vary considerably from country to country.

Compliance Methodology: HSE Risk & Compliance Assurance

To help clients get started and support them with compliance, Bureau Veritas Risk Control has a tried and tested approach. It is referred to as the term 'HSE Risk & Compliance Assurance'.

This flexible and scalable approach can be designed and implemented, in line with wishes and needs, around a wide range of themes such as health, safety, the environment, information security and various and more specific sustainability issues.

The methodology has been designed to address organisational-specific compliance through evaluation, off-site and on-site testing and possibly additional guidance and can – thanks to Bureau Veritas's network – also be used in an international context. More practical information on this methodology can be found in the enclosed information leaflet.

Partnership Enhesa

Our partnership with Enhesa provides an additional dimension to the above form of compliance service. Like Bureau Veritas, Enhesa operates globally and offers a comprehensive suite of compliance services.

These services relate to the precise and detailed mapping and updating of customer compliance obligations. This inventory is ideally suited as a starting point for review, guidance and improvement and thus the role that Bureau Veritas Risk Control can play through its methodology.

For more information, please visit the Enhesa website.